About Us

Welcome to the PinkPuma’s world! Discover our mission and the people who make it possible.

Our Values

  • Quality
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Development
  • Diversity

Our Mission

Everyone has the potential to grow and excel. At PinkPuma, we guide you in uncovering this potential, fostering innovation within your organization.

We strongly believe in the power of diversity. Our projects are designed to a wide range of audiences and cover diverse topics. Additionally, we create eLearning Courses that are accessible, meeting WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards. We prioritize inclusive language and stereotype-free illustrations.

At PinkPuma, your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we deliver trusted solutions and maintain high-quality standards in all our projects. While we are experts, we are constantly developing to better meet your needs.

Our Team

Natalia Wajda, a smiling woman with glasses and short hair

Natalia Wajda

Founder and leader of PinkPuma, Instructional Designer and Developer of eLearning Courses for business. She works with Articulate Storyline and Rise, the Adobe suite, Moodle and TalentLMS.

In creating eLearning courses, she uses her knowledge gained during her teacher training specialization and various training courses in France, Belgium, and Poland. She also draws inspiration from her experience as a teacher and from her work on student’s books and other resources for learning languages.

Privately, she is interested in the less waste lifestyle, collecting Polish vintage midcentury items, and French-speaking cultures. She also learns dog-talk alongside her faithful companion, Charkislav.

PinkPuma’s collaborators

  • Oksana Chalimoniuk, a smiling brunette with long hair and a middle part

    Oksana Chalimoniuk

    Graphic Designer and eLearning Developer

    Enthusiastic about animals and nature, inspiring her to create her own illustrations.

  • Anita Rubaj, a smiling brunette with ponytail and bangs

    Anita Rubaj

    Proofreader and Tester, Polish Philologist

    Artistic soul – loves collages and art journaling, proud caregiver of her cat, Furia.

  • A mixed-breed dog, a cross between a dachshund and a husky


    Junior Entertainment and Treats Specialist

    Enthusiastic napper and foodie, who’s always on a treasure hunt for outdoor snacks ;).