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Engaging eLearning Courses in Articulate Storyline and Rise and WCAG-Compliant Courses

Our Services

We create interactive eLearning Courses using Articulate, where everyone succeeds, regardless of their skills and memory performance. How do we achieve this? By blending tech and academic learning insights!

We’re excited to design a project tailored to you!

  • Course ConceptsCourses, games, gamification
  • Multimedia for CoursesGraphics, animations, audio
  • Instructional DesignAdult learning methodology
  • Accessible CoursesCompliant with WCAG
  • Course DevelopmentArticulate Storyline and Rise
  • Grant-Funded ProjectsTrainings for institutions

Who Benefits from our Courses?

Our eLearning Courses have already been completed by thousands of employees from leading international companies across various industries, including:

  • Medical
  • Food
  • Energy
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agricultural
  • Telecommunications
  • Health and Safety
  • Automotive
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Caregiving
Our courses are also attended by officials, students, pupils, and private users.

Examples of Our Projects

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) course

    Learning regulations can be engaging! Especially when the course includes examples, illustrations, decision-making scenarios, and interactive tasks!

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  • Anti-discrimination course for SWPS University

    A course encouraging the academic community to create an inclusive, safe, and diversity-respecting university. Compliant with WCAG.

  • Modern company management course

    A richly illustrated course for entrepreneurs with storytelling elements, multiple exercises, and practical examples.

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How Do We Work?

We start by understanding your needs and providing a quote along with a technical specification. Once we’ve agreed on terms, we kick off the project. We work in stages, welcoming your feedback after each one. This iterative process ensures a better understanding of both your expectations and our vision, facilitating a smooth workflow in line with the schedule.

  • Based on your materials and needs, we develop a course concept.

    We discuss it and make any necessary changes. Once the concept fully meets your expectations, you approve it, and we move on to the next stage.

  • Guided by your brand book and technical specifications, we create graphical proposals, which constitute the graphic design of the course.

    We select colors, illustration styles, and design User Interface (UI) along with button appearance, then ask for your feedback.

  • The storyboard is a detailed document that contains the content of all screens from the course and describes their functionality. If a sentence is not in the storyboard, it won’t be in the course!

    Once the storyboard is ready, you review it and provide your comments, and we update it accordingly.

  • After receiving your approval on the storyboard, we create interactive eLearning Course using Articulate Storyline or Rise software.

    We prepare graphics and animations to ensure the training is visually appealing.

  • Finally, we conduct rigorous internal testing. Then, you review it, provide your feedback, and we incorporate any changes before resubmitting it for approval.

    Once you approve the training, we deliver the files to you.

What Software Do We Use?

  • Articulate 360
  • Storyline
  • Rise
  • Adobe
  • Moodle

We work with licenses for the world’s best and most popular eLearning software, which is the Articulate 360 suite (Articulate Storyline and Rise). As Articulate 360 is regularly updated, and we meticulously test our courses, they run smoothly and flawlessly.

We utilize paid stock images, along with Adobe licenses for their editing, ensuring all materials in our courses come from legal sources.

What Languages Do We Speak?

We speak English, French, and Polish, but we have also created eLearning Courses in German, Russian, Bulgarian, and others.

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Why Collaborate With Us?

Your satisfaction is important to us!

  • We tailor courses to your needs
  • We only use proven solutions
  • We are open to your feedback
  • We are constantly developing to meet your needs even better
  • We always deliver projects on time
  • We use legitimate software

Learn More About Us

We have 8 years of experience in designing Articulate courses, hundreds of completed projects, and have been working in the education industry for 20 years.

PinkPuma’s leader is Natalia Wajda, an education enthusiast, experienced developer, and instructional designer. She collaborates with eLearning and multimedia experts.

More about us
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What Do They Say About Us?

See what our clients and collaborators are saying about us! You can find full testimonials on LinkedIn.

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  • I wholeheartedly recommend Natalia as a course developer who, with her multiple talents, knowledge, and experience, proved to be an invaluable support (...). The result of our collaboration was an interactive eLearning Course with an eye-catching graphic design and images perfectly illustrating the course topics.

    Magdalena Fajfer Head of the Office of the Director General, SWPS University
  • Natalia is a highly creative designer of training materials. I value her out-of-the-box approach, her ability to empathize with users. At the same time, she is very professional and timely (...). I strongly recommend her!

    Sławomir Łebkowski Co-Founder Bloomify – personal development space
  • We are very satisfied with the prepared courses – they are visually attractive, presented with great understanding of the subject matter and in a clear and comprehensible manner, with varied interactions and likeable characters (...). I recommend collaboration with Natalia in creating eLearning Courses.

    Kamila Kowalska Co-founder & Vice President, Human Partner Sp. z o.o.